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ComicsPRO is the only trade organization dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers, allowing us to move forward together. The goals of ComicsPRO are for direct market retailers to speak with a single, strong voice on important industry issues, providing educational and mentoring opportunities to current and future retailers, and offering opportunities for retailers to reduce some of the fixed costs that we all incur.
Membership in ComicsPRO gives retailers access to group rates for programs such as credit card processing and group health insurance. As ComicsPRO continues to grow, members will guide the organization to the services that will benefit them the most.

Advocacy is a vital and important cog in the ComicsPRO machine. Too often, the retail segment is absent when industry plans are formulated and partnerships are forged. As ComicsPRO grows, our goal is to give retailers an equal voice with our other industry partners, so we can take an active role in the decisions that affect all of us.

ComicsPRO is open to all store-front retailers willing to invest their money, time, skills, and industry experience. Together, we can provide a strong collective voice and a better future for direct market comic book retailers.

Please, join us in moving forward together!

Peter Dolan
ComicsPRO President and Retailer
Main Street Comics, Middletown NY

What is ComicsPRO?

ComicsPRO is a trade association for comic book retailers. We are a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to improving the comic book specialty market.

The goals of ComicsPRO are:
  • to help to develop better marketing and daily business practices for comic book retailers
  • to improve the condition of their industry by educating the public about comic books in general
  • to provide a voice for independent comic book retailers

Who can join ComicsPRO?

If you are a retailer and own at least one physical storefront, and you are actively involved in the retail sale of comic books, your company can join ComicsPRO. Your company chooses one representative who can cast votes on its behalf and who will receive mailers and updates from the organization. The voting representative from your company can be an owner or manager.