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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Retailer Schedule

 | Published on 6/11/2015

ComicsPRO is once again providing retailer-oriented programming at Comic-Con International: San Diego. These hours of programming are a great way to network with other retailers while learning some new tips & tricks to make our stores more appealing and profitable. All retailers are welcome. Please spread the word!


Friday July 10, 2015


9:30 – 10:15

Fresh Start – Room 19

Your day at Comic-Con gets off to a friendly and professional start with ComicsPRO, the retailer trade association. Retailers, publishers, and distributors are welcome to kick off their convention day with colleagues, coffee, bagels, and conversation. Bring your business card!


10:15 – 10:35

Local Comic Shop Day – Room 18

ComicsPRO introduces Local Comic Shop Day!  What is it? When is it? And why is it?   LCSD is a day to celebrate comics and  the local comic shops that are the backbone of the comics industry.  Be here for the launch of this new event that puts the spotlight on local comic shops!


10:35  – 11:10 

Back to Back Issues – Room 18

Join us as we explore an old category that is gaining massive new momentum in many comic shops.  How should retailers sell their back issues?   How much back issue business is your store doing online versus in the store?   Are you slabbing your books?   How does the exponential growth in number of titles affect your back issue strategy?   Join ComicsPRO to discuss these issues.


11:10 – 11:45 

Categorically Expanding – Room 18

Looking beyond comics and graphic novels, there's potential gold in other merchandise categories. ComicsPRO has discount agreements set up with many companies such as Ata-Boy, BCW, USAopoly, ICUP, Monogram, Asgard Press, and Poster Emporium.   Come learn about these member benefits and let’s discuss how to diversify your sales. 


DIAMOND LUNCH   12:00 – 2:30


2:30 – 4:00

Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award Video Parade - Room 18

The Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award is the industry's "Hall of Fame" for progressive retailers. Spirit Award facilitator and award recipient Joe Ferrara (Atlantis Fantasyworld, CA) presents the videos for this year's award finalists, with discussion about each nominated retailer, the store's display techniques, and other unique features every attending retailer can learn from. Hey, retailers! Come here to steal some great ideas!


4:00 – 5:00

So You Want to Be a Comics Retailer? (open to the public) Room 28 DE

The comics business is growing and that means a growing demand for more comic books.  You've got questions and these veteran retailers have the answers!  ComicsPRO director and panel host Joe Field (Flying Colors Comics, Concord CA) is joined by retailer Christina Blanch (Aw Yeah Comics, Muncie IN), retailer Ryan Haggerty (Ryan’s Comics, Murrieta CA), retailer Peter Birkemoe (The Beguiling, Toronto, Canada), retailer Terry Stevens (Star Port, Lynchburg, VA), and Diamond Comic Distributors VP Chris Powell.