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Job listing: Office Assistant, Colorado Springs, CO

 | Published on 9/20/2011
Here is our current job listing. If you are interested, please drop off a resume (in person) to our office at 825 N. Circle Suite #207, Colorado Springs, CO.

Job title: Office assistant.

Company information: ComicsPRO is the only trade organization for direct-market comic book retailers. ComicsPRO's goals are not that different from trade organizations in other industries: to promote advocacy, education, and opportunity for its members. As small businesses, comic book retailers face many challenges without a lot of support. Joining ComicsPRO makes them part of a group facing -- and overcoming -- many of the same challenges. ComicsPRO allows a retailer, as a small business, to receive benefits that are often only available to much larger groups, including discounted credit card rates and deals on health insurance. But the most important goal of ComicsPRO is to provide a voice for the often overlooked concerns of direct-market retailers.

Remuneration: $10/hr

Job location: Colorado Springs, CO

Responsibilities: Some of the basic job requirements are much like those in a retail environment. An applicant must be able to lift 50 pounds and be able to carry things up stairs. Applicants must be able to run errands, such as trips to the bank and post office. Applicants must also have a good grasp of all the Microsoft Office or iWork programs, including Word or Pages, Excel or Numbers, and Publisher or Keynote.  Candidate must have valid drivers license.

Candidates with any graphic design skills or accounting skills are preferred. Applicants must be self-directed and have good customer service skills. (We pretty much do a bit of everything over here, including our own cleaning.)

Corporate objectives: To advance the causes of direct-market comics retailers.

Personal Objectives: To assist the executive director in the running of the ComicsPRO office.

Supervision levels: Will work directly with the executive director.

Working conditions: Up to 20 hours/week, flexible schedule

Educational Qualifications: high school diploma

Skills, knowledge and experience: Include computer literacy, communication skills, teamwork

To apply, please drop off a resume (in person) to our office at 825 N. Circle Suite #207, Colorado Springs, CO 80909