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Home2021 Comic Industry Meeting - Retailer Information


Thank you ahead of time, for your interest in participating in ComicsPRO's online Comic Industry Meeting.

Because we are having an ONLINE meeting, we are aiming for a higher than normal participation from retailers, publishers, creators, distributors, and other vendors.

There are 2 types of Retailer Registration:

1. Retailer Prime (Free Registration) - Retailers are able to attend online speeches and go to the virtual exhibit hall where they can talk to various publishers, distributors, and other pop culture vendors).

2. Retailer Plus (Paid Registration) - Retailers can attend all the events. (This includes Roundtables, Creator/Retailer meet-up, Charity Auction, and other events). Retailers also get a gift box of variants/promos mailed to them after the convention.

Every Retailer should register for Retailer Prime Registration here!

Retailer Plus Registration will start January 6th.


>> LECTURES - some recorded, some live.

>> MEET-UPS - Education/Networking

>> VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALL - Each vendor has a booth for retailers to visit 

>> ROUNDTABLES - 16 to 24 roundtable sponsors.

>> FORUMS - some official forums, others partcipant generated


FREE: Retailers can go to virtual exhibit hall and some of the lectures. 

PAID: Retailers can go to ALL the events including roundtables.

They will also get a a box mailed to them with Publisher/Vendor give-aways and promos. 


FREE: Most Creators will be invited free of charge to our meeting.

PAID: Some Creators may want to have a virtual exhibit booth to show off recent work or interact more with retailers and publishers. They would register as Patron Sponsors.


We are partnering with WHOVA to run most of our conference.

We plan to also use Zoom for some of the events.

Here's a 12 minute video that explains what WHOVA can do.


>> Get up to speed quickly! Our convention software is easy to learn.

>> Network with other people in the industry!

>> Participate in online forums! Discuss industry issues with other retailers and publishers!

>> Learn ways to make your store more profitable!

>> The event will be up for 3 months after the conference, so attendees can go back to see what they missed!


At our yearly meeting we usually have 32 to 40 vendor roundtable spots. This year, since we are having an online meeting, we will only have 16 to 24 spots. Retailer Prime Registrations willl participate as well as various vendors with priority given to Premier Sponsors and/or sponsors donating items for roundtable gift boxes.

Through the roundtable process, the vendor remains stationary while small retailer groups circulate amongst the vendors. Vendors usually choose the topic of discussion for the roundtables; we encourage vendors to discuss future projects, show off new product, and generate new business. Each session lasts 10 minutes.


Each Vendor booth can have a short video, pdfs, photos, links, other information, and chat area. Retailers will visit the booths at set times during the conference. Retailers may also be able to visit the booth before and after the conference. (Up to 1 month before and 3 months after if the vendor decides to staff their booth).

A - Alphabetical List of Exhibitors

B - 3-5 minute prerecorded Video that Exhibitor provides.

C - Retailers can sign up for more info.

D Coupons, Special offers. Vendors can offer a special convention-only offer.

E - PDFs and Photos. Upcoming comic .... catalogs..... etc.

F- Chat Function . Text chats can be turned into video chats. Also there may be link to zoom discussions.


You will be able to interact with retailers and other vendors/distributors by posting and responding to forum posts. Forum topics can be started by any participant. There may be forums such as: Graphic Novels for Children, Best Manga, How to survive Covid-19, Using Grading Services, etc. Moderators will be on hand to make sure that the forums stay on-topic, cogent, and professional.


WHOVA's gamification functions, will allow us to give prizes to the retailers who attend the most meetings ..... check in to the most booths the coolest pictures of their stores, etc.

We plan to make this event fun as well as educational!