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The next ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting will be held February 18 - 21 2015 in Portland, Oregon.




2/18 Wednesday


6:30 PM - 8:00 PM      Registration                                                                             Plaza Suite


8:00 - 10:00                 Opening Night Reception                                                        Skyline Room

(Sponsored by Dark Horse)                                          


2/19 Thursday (Retailers, Dark Horse, and DC only)


7:30 AM - 8:25 AM      Registration                                                                             Plaza Foyer


8:30 - 10:00                 Dark Horse Breakfast                                                                 Pavilion West


10:10 - 12:00               Dark Horse Programming                                                         Pavilion East

Guests Include:  Matt Kindt, Mike Mignola,

Chuck Palahniuk, Eric Powell, Brian Wood    


12:00 - 12:45               ComicsPRO membership session (members only)                    Pavilion East


1:00 - 2:20                   Lunch                                                                                      Pavilion West

DC Entertainment Opening Session                                       


2:30 - 3:15                   DCE Updates with Bob Wayne and Derek Maddalena             Pavilion East


3:15 - 4:00                   State of DCE/Industry and Q&A with Dan Didio & Jim Lee      Pavilion East


4:00 - 4:15                   Break                                                                                       Foyer


4:15 - 5:00                   DC Collectibles with Kevin Kiniry & Bob Wayne                    Pavilion East


5:00 - 7:00                   Sales & Marketing with John Cunningham, Dan Didio,      Pavilion East

Jim Lee, Derek Maddalena & Bob Wayne


7:00                             Break for Dinner


7:15                             Dinner                                                                                 Skyline


7:30                             Cocktails                                                                                  Skyline

                                (Beer and Wine)


10:30                           End


Friday: February 20  


7:30 AM                       Vendor Registration                                                                 Plaza Foyer


8:00 - 9:20                   Breakfast                                                                                  Pavilion Ballroom

                                                8:20 Action Lab (10 min)

                                                8:30 Titan (10 min)

                                                8:40 Valiant (10 min)

                                                8:50 IDW (20 min)


9:25 - 10:10                 Workshops                                                          


HOW TO CURATE A GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION                                          Broadway 1

As graphic novels become a larger part of the comics store, retailers have to

adopt new strategies to shelve graphic novels, keep them in stock, and display them. 

How is curating a graphic novel collection different from working with pamphlet comics? 

First Second’s Gina Gagliano discusses these issues. 


MEN ARE FROM MARS; WOMEN BUY COMICS                                                        Broadway 2

Women didn't just start reading and buying comics last Thursday. They've been buying

them for years, and they're getting them *somewhere*. Let Autumn and Portlyn, of the

Eisner Award winning Brave New World Comics, show you how to make your store the place.


THE POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING                                                                      Broadway 3

Are you ready to master email marketing? Doing email marketing well is all about getting

your message heard and acted on in a world of increasing email communications. In this

session, you’ll learn useful tips and strategies to maximize your email communications.

We’ll cover all the latest and greatest best practices for creating excellent emails that

get opened and clicked on. Come learn how to make email marketing work for you! 

Presented by Corissa St. Laurent, Northwest Regional Director of Constant Contact.


PROMOTION/MARKETING                                                                                         Broadway 4

Led by John Dudas of Carol and John's Comic Book Shop and Tate Ottati of

TATE'S Comics + Toys + More. These two retailers are among the best in the

business in getting the word out in both traditional and non-traditional ways.  


10:15 - 10:55               Marvel Comics (retailers only)                                               Pavilion


11:00 - 11:45               Workshops


MAKING YOUR KIDS SECTION SUCCESSFUL                                                     Broadway 1

Can't figure out why there aren't more kids and families shopping in your store?

Want to increase your sales of comics for kids? Jennifer Haines (M.A., B.Ed., OCT), 

The DragonCanada. - a trained teacher as well as an Eisner award-winning comic retailer -

will endeavour to help you, by providing you with what she does to get kids in the door and

reading comics. Topics will include setting up your kids section, how to sell to kids and

parents, working with schools and libraries, and specific books to stock. 


MEN ARE FROM MARS; WOMEN BUY COMICS                                                        Broadway 2

Women didn't just start reading and buying comics last Thursday. They've been

buying them for years, and they're getting them *somewhere*. Let Autumn and

Portlyn, of the Eisner Award winning Brave New World Comics, show you how to

make your store the place.


EMAIL MARKETING HOW TO BASICS                                                                      Broadway 3

Great email marketing requires a great email marketing platform that allows you to

design beautiful, functional emails. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Constant

Contact to create, send, and track your email communications. You’ll see how

easy it is to build your emails, insert images, videos and links, as well as connect

your social media accounts for wider distribution. The contacts and reporting features

will also be discussed and you’ll walk away ready to create your own emails that

wow!   Presented by Corissa St. Laurent, Northwest Regional Director of Constant Contact.


CGC WORKSHOP                                                                                                        Broadway 4

Would you like to know more about comic book grading?   How about opening up

a new stream of income by accepting CGC submissions at your store?   Senior

Grader Paul Litch will discuss specific grading techniques, and Marketing Coordinator

Brittany McManus will discuss CGC’s services and how to become a CGC

authorized representative.    Topics may include:   What differentiates the major grades

(G, VG, FN, VF, NM, and 9.8), restoration, pressing, what types of books to send to

CGC, does CGC grade on a curve, etc).



12:00 - 1:25                 Lunch                                                                                    Pavilion

12:30 NBM/PaperCutz (20 min)

12:50 ONI (20 min)


1:30 - 2:50                   Roundtables 

                                                15 roundtables                                                             Broadway rooms

                                                15 roundtables                                                                Galleria rooms  


2:50 - 3:10                   Break                                                                                        Foyer


3:15 - 4:10                   Sponsor Presentations                                                             Pavilion

                                                3:15 Boom (20 min)

                                                3:35 Image (20 min)

                                                3:55 Dynamite (15 min)


4:20 - 5:30                   Roundtables  

                                                15 roundtables                                                          Broadway rooms

                                                15 roundtables                                                             Galleria rooms 


5:30                             End


5:30 - 8:00                   Break for Dinner (On your own)


8:00                             CBLDF Cocktail Hour                                                               Foyer

(Sponsored by Valiant Entertainment)  


9:00                             Auction to Support CDLDF                                                      Pavilion


Saturday: February 21


8:00 AM - 9:30 AM         Breakfast                                                                              Pavilion

                                  8:30 Diamond Presentation with Q&A (50 minutes) 


9:40 - 11:00       Roundtables

                                                15 roundtables                                                              Broadway rooms

                                                15 roundtables                                                             Galleria rooms 


11:00 - 11:20             Break Foyer


11:20 - 11:35             Keynote Speech  (Brian Michael Bendis) Pavillion


11:35 - 11:50                 Industry Awards - Pavilion


12:00 - 1:10                 Roundtables 

                                                15 roundtables                                                               Broadway rooms

                                                15 roundtables                                                              Galleria rooms 


1:10 – 1:30                   Closed Membership Meeting (Members Only)                      Pavilion


After Conference


For those staying after the conference, there will be lunch at Things From Another World (sponsored by Dark Horse), then a comic store tour sponsored by ONI, and finally a reception sponsored by ONI and CBLDF.  In order to reduce congestion at the comic book stores, there will be two different tours starting 30 minutes apart.   Everyone will get either a BLUE TICKET or a YELLOW TICKET …..and that will determine when you can get on the bus.   



Blue Ticket

Yellow Ticket


Hilton Portland Executive Tower

921 Sw 6th Ave, (503) 226-1611








Things From Another World,

2916 NE Broadway St., (503) 284-4693




Drop off








Pick Up








Cosmic Monkey Comics

5335 NE Sandy Blvd, (503) 517-9050




Drop off




Pick Up








Bridge City Comics

3725 N. Mississippi Ave, (503) 282-5484




Drop off




Pick Up








Punch Bowl Social

340 SW MORRISON ST, (503) 334-0360




Drop off




Pick Up








Hotel Drop Off






After 8:20 PM, guests can walk back to the hotel.

It’s .2 miles (6 min. walk back). Head west toward SW 5th Ave.

Turn left onto SW 5th Ave. Turn right onto SW Yamhill St. Turn left onto SW 6th Ave



If you are a member, please log into the website and then register here.  Fee to register is $99 for yourself and $129 for guests.  

If you are a non member, you can register here.   Fee to register is $199.   Then, after the meeting, if you would like to join our organization, we will credit you the cost of the meeting towards your membership fee.
SPONSOR / VENDOR Registration

For more information, please email  Details about sponsorship can be found on our Sponsorship Information Page.


The 2014 Meeting will be held at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in downtown Portland.  Reserve your room by January 19, 2015 and get the preferential ComicsPRO meeting rate of $129/night.


If you prefer to reserve your room by phone, call the hotel directly at 1-800-445-8667 and be sure to reference the 2015 ComicsPRO Annual Meeting in order to get our special group rate.  


Join us for what has become one of the most important retailer gatherings in the industry! Retailers, publishers, distributors and vendors gather to discuss major industry issues and to develop ways to improve our market. All retailers, and all vendors interested in reaching comic book retailers, are invited. ComicsPRO members also use this meeting as an opportunity to discuss the organization's current projects and plans. Help plan the direction of your trade association, and get involved in the discussion that kicks off the industry's year at our Annual Meeting!

Comic Book Stores:
Comic book retailers can register online. The registration fee is discounted for ComicsPRO members, but you do not have to be a member to attend! Attendees must be able to represent their company in votes and decisions during the discussion, so if you are a comic book store employee, the store owner must designate you as a company representative. Six meals are included in your registration fee, and all retailer attendees are presented with a gift bag of product donations from our sponsors!

Publishers, Distributors and other Vendors:

Publishers, distributors and other vendors interested in working with the industry's most progressive retailers are invited to attend the AMM as Official Sponsors
Action Lab
Bonfire Agency
Collection Drawer
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Dark Horse
Drawn and Quarterly
First Second
Graphitti Designs
Heavy Metal
Marvel Comics
Overground Comics
Space Goat



A big THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors who make this event possible!

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